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Each issue of the Parallel Worlds podcast is about two hours long. We’d love it if you listened all the way through; we’ve selected each article and story for inclusion because we think they’ll make an engaging listen. But we know that sometimes you just can’t wait to hear one particular article, or perhaps you want to go back and listen again. To help with this, we’ve included the start times of each article as a list in the episode description. You can use this to scroll forward and back through the episode timeline to the bit you want to hear. Some podcast apps, such as Podcast Addict and Pocket Casts (both on Android) display the timestamps in the description as clickable links. If you’re using one of these apps, you can tap on the time to skip directly to the start of the article.

However you choose to listen, we hope you find the podcast as fun to listen to as we found it to make.