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Issue #14 – 16th October 2020

Interview: Jean-Paul Garnier

Tabletop games: Dredd from the Big Meg; Four Against Darkness; Gamemasterclass: Journey or location?; Whitefaire Adventurer’s Guide; Mini of the month:  Quench, the Solitaire

Original fiction: Escape: A Hoarfrost story; Acid #6: Death comes to us all

Videogames: Hardspace: Shipbreaker

TV & Film: Netflix’ Snowpiercer

Books: Review: Garbage in, Gospel Out; Classics of Sci-Fi: The Gods Themselves

Thinkpiece: Fed wolves bare no claws; Atomic bombs & agent orange

Issue #13 – 18th September 2020

Interview: Joseph McGuire

Tabletop games: Aristeia!; Going rogue: Roleplaying in Warhammer 40,000; Gamemasterclass: they know more than me; Solar Storm; Mini of the month: Director Orson Krennic

Original fiction: Unearther, Acid: chapter 5

TV & Film: The mad genius of Rick and Morty, Let’s talk about… The Boys, Twin Peaks

Books: Classics of sci-fi: Dune, Review: The Crowman, Review: Strange Ways

Issue #12 – 14th August 2020

Interview: Elijah Kellogg

Tabletop games: No Quarter, Gamemasterclass: your voice in the party, Empires of the Void, Mini of the Month: Cooked Dice’s Colony 87 Pilot

Original fiction: Don’t look down, Acid: Chapter 4

TV & Film: Evangelion, Let’s talk about… The Mandalorian, Terminator 2

Books: Review: Salvation Lost

Issue #11 – 14th July 2020

Interview: Joseph A. McCullough

Tabletop games: Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Gamesmasterclass: the art of improvisation, Review: Journeys in Middle-earth, RPGs in the time of solitude, Mini of the month

Original fiction: Don’t Call The Faeries, Acid: chapter 3

TV & Film: Let’s talk about… Tales from the Loop

Books: Classics of science fiction: Frankenstein, Self-pub review: Writing in the Sand

Video games: Outer Wilds, Press A to jump: mobility in video games

Issue #10 – 12th June 2020

Interview: Daniel Mersey

Thinkpiece: Canon: exploring consistency in storytelling

Tabletop games: Rackham’s Confrontation, Pathfinder: all the tools, Gamesmasterclass: creating your world, Review: One Deck Dungeon, Mini of the month

Original fiction: Misereri Mei, Acid: chapter 2

TV & Film: It’s gorram over, cap’n: why Firefly being cancelled was a good thing, Carole & Tuesday, Studio Ghibli’s unsung hero

Books: Review: Triggernometry; Classics of science fiction: Foundation

Issue #9 – 8th May 2020

Interview: Aliette de Bodard

Thinkpiece: Cheap thrills: the value of video games

Tabletop games: Infinite possibilities: Corvus Belli’s Infinity; Gamesmasterclass: assembling the cast; Hero Quest: seven reasons it’s still amazing; Review: 8Bit Box; Mini of the month: Haruk ‘Ironeye’

Original fiction: Acid, chapter one: tower of light

TV & Film: Let’s talk about… Altered Carbon season 2; We don’t need another hero: 40 years of George Miller’s road warrior

Books: Uzumaki: the strange horror of Junji Ito; Tales from the turtleverse; Review: Million Eyes; Classics of sci-fi: Flowers for Algernon

Issue #8 – 6th April 2020

Interview: Frosthaven: the new game from Cephalofair; Anna Smith Spark; D&D Fantasy Art

Thinkpiece: Pokémon: the weird and the wonderful; Future mythic: the popularity and plausibility of space magic

Tabletop games: Gamesmasterclass: session zero; Review: Res Arcana; Mini of the month

Original fiction: The Stranger

Video games: Playing 9 to 5: job simulators; Pixelated honours: exploring video game achievements

TV & Film: Star Wars: the prequels reassessed; Lost in Space: an enduring legacy of sci-fi brilliance

Books: Shadows in the Stone; A Savage Generation; The Man in the Dark

Issue #7 – 11th March 2020

Interview: Live streaming tabletop roleplaying games: a new immersive experience, Know your community: The Fantasy & Sci-Fi Readers Lounge

Thinkpiece: Cosmic horror: the existential fiction we all need right now

Tabletop games: Being an eBay eagle, Visions of war: the grimdark of Warhammer 40,000, Coppers and cobblestones: running an urbancrawl campaign, Mini of the month: the machine is willing, Review: Legends Untold

Original fiction: Echoes

Video games: Disco Elysium: roleplaying with me, myself, and I

TV & Film: Why you should watch Attack on Titan, Let’s talk about… Star Trek: Picard, Review: The Bestowal

Books: Classics of science fiction: The Left Hand of Darkness, Self-pub review: Kau D’varza

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Issue #6 – 7th February 2020

Interview: The South London Warlords

Thinkpiece: Creative equality, Think bigger: megastructures

Tabletop games: Faster my stompy robot: an introduction to Battletech, Play safe: consent in gaming, Review: Lifeform, mini of the month

Original fiction: Lost at the Wedding

Video games: The mysterious case of Dentara Rast

TV & Film: Let’s talk about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Why watch Babylon 5?

Books: Pulp pioneers: Amazing Stories Magazine, Self-pub review, The Luminaries, Review: Children of Ruin

Issue #5 – 10th January 2020

Interview: Priya Sharma, Elsewhen Press, the Dungeons and Dragons Community Group

Thinkpiece: Aliens: are they out there?

Tabletop games: The generic adventure module: the big dumb object, Review: The Quacks of Quedlinburg, Mini of the month: Abomination

Original fiction: The Purpose

Video games: Alien Isolation, Space Engineers

TV & Film: Let’s talk about: Joker, Alien

Books: Finding Jin Yong, The infinite hex crawl

Issue #4 – 10th December 2019

Interview: Julian Gollop

Thinkpiece: Why aren’t aliens in video games more… Alien?

Tabletop games: The Generic Adventure Module: we found a body, Review: Zombie Kidz, Mini of the Month

Events: FantasyCon Glasgow

Original fiction: Lazaraki canticles, Red 14

Video games: Anthem: The game that nearly was, Lambda cubed: the continuing mystery of Half-life 3

TV & Film: Star Wars Rebels, 2019 in horror cinema, Let’s talk about… Ad Astra

Book review: Self pub review

Issue #3 – 8th November 2019

Interview: Carsten Damm

Tabletop games: Wargaming on a Budget, Review: Space Base, Mini of the Month

Events: Frightfest: Twenty Bloody Years

Original fiction: Erden Foe

Video games: Homeworld: Past and Present, Terraria: The Success of Simplicity in Modern Gaming

TV & Film: Keeping Trek Part 2, Let’s talk about… The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Book review: Diamonds in the Rough: Read Adventurous, Review: Rosewater, Review: Beyond Kidding

Issue #2 – 4th October 2019

Interview: Adrian Tchaikovsky

Tabletop games: Box half full: why D&D is so revered and popular, Review: Star Wars Outer Rim, Mini of the month

Thinkpiece: Ruling the world: the sci-fi assumption of ‘Government Earth’

Events: Dublin 2019: an Irish worldcon

Original fiction: Beneath the Waystation

Video games: Destiny 2: being five years late to the party, Beyond the screen: are games becoming less immersive?

TV & Film: Keeping Trek

Book review: Dragonslayer

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 Issue #1 – 6th September 2019

Interview: Isaac Childres, creator of Gloomhaven

Tabletop games: Tiny Epic Mechs, Box full of knives, Intermediate frustration, Mini of the month

Thinkpiece: H.P. Lovecraft, 100 years on

Events: UK Games Expo 2019

Original fiction: Call of Demons

Video games: Promising the stars, Two knights & their hollow souls

Book review: Blood of An Exile