Tom Grundy

Tom is actually a sentient shrub from Earth’s far future. He has travelled back in time to witness the end of the Age of the Bald Apes. He lives in South London and enjoys grammar.

Allen Stroud

Dr. Allen Stroud is a science fiction, fantasy and horror writer. He is the current Chair of the British Science Fiction Association and writer for Phoenix Point from Snapshot Games.

Jane Clewett

Jane is the muscle for an all-singing, all-dancing girl gang. Aside from highly choreographed street fights, her passions are film watching, writing, oil painting, and making jewellery. She lives in Didcot but still considers herself Liverpudlian.

Proof reader

Mike Smith

Apostrophe Man


Connor Eddles

Born in South Africa, Connor enjoys working on his thews of steel, painting small plastic soldiers and occasionally writing something with merit.

Louis Calvert

Louis spends way too much time obsessing over fictional worlds across all media, and loves it.

Ben Potts

Ben Potts is a self-published speculative fiction author and graduate of George Mason University. Check out his first short story, Spirit of Disloyalty, on Amazon Kindle.

Thomas Turnbull-Ross

With sword in one hand and sorcery in the other, Thomas lives for the fantastical. Be it books, games, art, or films, if it features monsters and magic it’s sure to have him giddy with excitement.

Sam Long

Sam is a science fiction and fantasy writer currently working on a plot to entrap the souls of his victims into his works. Results vary.

Christopher Jarvis

Writer, audio fiction producer and professional board game demonstrator. He is best known for writing and producing Escape Velocity, an official Elite Dangerous full-cast audio serial, as well as a number of audiobook projects, through the Radio Theatre Workshop.

Richard Watson

Ant Jones


Angus McNicholl

An angry Scotsman, he resides in a cave in the glacial far lands.

Steve Cooksey

David McNamara

Yana Koleva

Social media

Jamie McKinnon

Jamie McKinnon is a fanatical sci-fi fan who escapes into imaginative worlds via all sorts of media such as computer games, audiobooks, and film. Hes been lucky enough to grow up with the classics and watch the evolution of sci-fi.

Audio editor

Ashley Devine

DrToxic is a gamer, podcast editor for Sagittarius Eye, and part-time show host for Lave Radio. Visit his website for more information:

Voice actors

Peter Wotherspoon

The unofficial Voice of Galnet, Peter likes editing audio for relaxation, and reads things out so other people don’t have to.

Jamie Sugar

Karim Kronfli

Karim has been a professional performer for more than 20 years, originally working as a medieval entertainer. With plays and film added to his professional repertoire, Karim now loves directing as much as performing. Trained at City Lit in London after first working behind the microphone at BFBS, he specializes in narration and audio drama.

Sarah Golding

Sarah is a prolific indie audio drama voice actor with a huge diverse range of character types. She hosts MADIVA and has been host of ADPP, and will produce her own MADCAP audio drama this year. She runs workshops and panels and produces live audio drama at major podcast events.


Arturo Busleiman

Buanzo, as Arturo prefers to be called, is an information security expert and Linux enthusiast who winds down by playing games, making music and reading maniacally. An Argentine national, he has always loved English literature. Sometimes he writes articles for this and other magazines. He can be found on LinkedIn.