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    Destiny 2: Being five years late to the party

    - by Louis Calvert

    Bungie’s massively multiplayer online (MMO) sci-fi-shooter Destiny 2 might be the best sci-fi first-person shooter (FPS) ever created. According to fans, it might even be the best sci-fi experience ever created, full stop. This certainly hasn’t always been a widespread opinion — what’s changed?

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    Two Knights and their Hollow Souls

    - by Thomas Turnbull-Ross

    Dark Souls and Hollow Knight are two brilliant, but very different, games with some common themes. How similar are the worlds of Lordran and Hallownest, and how deep do those similarities go?

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    Promising the Stars: The three big space games of the 2010s

    - by Buanzo

    In the first half of this decade, three games came along that promised something no game had offered before: the opportunity to fly freely through space and land on and explore planets, on foot and in a spaceship. The stories of those games have become some of the industry’s most dramatic narratives. Now, in 2019, we ask, how close have these games come to delivering on their promises?