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    Let’s Talk About… Joker

    - by Jane Clewett and Tom Grundy

    Released on October 4th…

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    2019 in horror cinema

    - by Jane Clewett

    The 2010s were a…

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    Star Wars Rebels: A love letter to the fans

    - by sfbook

    The 2014–2018 animated Star…

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    Keeping – Trek Part 2

    - by Ben Potts

    In the second part of our focus on Star Trek, we look back over the 1990s, 2000s, and the famous franchise today. The 1980s saw Star Trek successfully transition to the cinema screen. However, the reliance on the same actors and characters would gradually take its toll, and whilst the six movies that focused on original Enterprise crew would continue until 1991, Gene Roddenberry, creator of the brand, had some other ideas up his sleeve.

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    The Witcher’s New Frontier

    - by Connor Eddles

    There’s always a certain trepidation when a franchise branches out. And for the Witcher franchise, a new frontier is rapidly opening that could see it elevated to the same level as Game Of Thrones, or Lord Of The Rings. The upcoming Netflix series has already amazed critics and fans alike with pre-screenings and a generous amount of teasing. But will the aard-ent fanbase of both novels and video games be able to deal with changes the show has made?

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    Let’s Talk About: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

    We couldn’t decide who should get to review Netflix’s latest fantasy tour de force — so Tom gave his thoughts and then Allen and Beth Faulds, our guest contributor, responded. Tom is new to the franchise, Beth saw the original film in the cinema the first time around, and Allen has bumped up against the franchise once or twice in a professional context. 

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    5 Reasons why you should be watching Lost In Space

    - by Louis Calvert

    Netflix’s Lost in Space (LiS), the re-imagining of the 60s TV series, follows the Robinson family on a disastrous colonisation mission to a new planet to escape a dying Earth. The first seasons garnered favourable reviews, and the hotly anticipated second season starts December 24th on Netflix. If you haven’t already binged on Season One, here’s five great reasons why you should add it to your watch list.

    Danger, Will Robinson: Minor Spoiler Alert for elements of season one (nothing too big though).

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    Let’s Talk About: Ad Astra

    - by Tom Grundy

    Ad Astra is a sci-fi epic set in the near future. It stars Brad Pitt as Roy McBride, an astronaut who voyages to the farthest reaches of the solar system in search of his father, Clifford (Tommy Lee Jones), who vanished sixteen years earlier and is now thought to be responsible for a series of catastrophic energy surges on Earth. Our editors share their reactions.

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    Keeping Trek – Part 1

    - by Ben Potts

    Rubber ears, communicators that look like flip phones, and a familiar spaceship chassis with a forward saucer section and two rear nacelles — Star Trek has some of science fiction’s most recognisable hallmarks. To the uninitiated, Trek can seem like the older, nerdier cousin of Star Wars, and the two franchises are often in competition for the same audience. Fans of Trek are often derisively labeled ‘Trekkies,’ a pejorative they have accepted and turned into a rallying cry. Once you understand the full context and vision of Star Trek, however, it’s clear that the world of Vulcans, phasers, and Starfleet is a truly unique and divergent universe.

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    Dark, the German Stranger Things for grown ups

    - by Tom Souvarine

    Season 2 of Dark, Netflix’s German-language science fiction drama, was released on June 21st.
    Dark’s first season appeared on my ‘Recommended’ list on Netflix one day last year, untrumpeted — an intriguing thumbnail of a cave. It smacked of opportunism on the part of the algorithms. ‘He likes science fiction and watches a lot of 80s films — let’s chuck this his way, he’ll probably go for it.’