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  • Thinkpiece

    AI alert

    - by Ben Potts

    From global warming to meteoric impact, from plague-induced extinction to nuclear armageddon; humanity’s collective imaginations have conjured up a massive cast of what we call ‘existential threats’: forces so dangerous that they might bring an end to our entire species. Some of these concepts are more scientific than others — the madness of the Cold War’s mutually assured destruction, for example, is far more feasible on its surface than the titillating violence of a so-called ‘zombie apocalypse’. I mean, come on, do you mean…

  • Tabletop Games
    Tabletop Games

    Mini of the month: Adeptis Ryan

    - by Angus McNicholl

    The army was encamped just beyond a low rise. The depression was just deep enough for the tents and Myrmidons to hunker down out of sight. The Mage Hunters, as was usual, had established their own camp just beyond the perimeter. The excuse was that they functioned as the picket; but the real reason, Kyris knew, was that they simply liked their own space, and the rigid discipline of the Dawnguard didn’t suit them. Kyris had drawn the first watch, which suited him. They…

  • Books

    Self-pub review: Writing in the Sand

    - by Ben Potts

    The emergence of self-published books has transformed the publishing industry, lending a voice to many aspiring authors. As one such work, Writing in the Sand by a new young author, David Munday, is an excellent example of the strengths and weaknesses of self-publishing. In Ecclesiastes 1:9 of Hebrew scripture, the king of Jerusalem muses, “that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” If that was true more than two millennia ago, it’s certainly…

  • Tabletop Games
    Tabletop Games

    Gamesmasterclass: Here there be dragons: the art of improvisation

    - by Chris Cunliffe

    Have you ever seen an old map with large stretches that say: “Here, there be dragons”? This was often done because the cartographer didn’t know what was there. When you are creating your own world, it’s a sign that you haven’t decided yet. In this writer’s opinion, one of the most vital skills for a gamesmaster (GM) is improvisation. No matter how well you’ve prepared, there will always come a time when the players ask a question that you don’t have an answer to,…

  • Tabletop Games
    Tabletop Games

    Review: The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth

    - by Christopher Jarvis

    The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth is a new miniatures-based board game from Fantasy Flight, featuring a campaign, modular maps, experience points (XP) and upgradable equipment. It’s a co-operative experience for 1–5 players. I’ve been playing solo, trying one campaign with two heroes and another with three. Journeys is smooth and wonderful to play. Each character’s small deck represents both their abilities and their skill checks, and there are a couple of excellent mechanisms which help you to manage your success in…

  • Video Games
    Video Games

    Press A to jump: mobility in video games

    - by Sam Long, Tom Grundy

    Jumping has been a part of gaming for as long as any of us can remember. It’s no surprise that the jump mechanic holds such an important place in video game history, dating back to 80s arcade games. Today, games have moved on in nearly every way — but it’s a rare game that doesn’t have a ‘jump’ button. Why? In early video games, vaulting over obstacles was a core element of gameplay. The first to ever utilise the jump mechanic was a 1978…