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    Tabletop Games

    What is Age of Sigmar?

    - by Thomas Turnbull-Ross

    In 2015, Games Workshop retired their original miniatures wargame, Warhammer (sometimes known as Warhammer Fantasy Battles), in an apocalyptic series titled The End Times. In the wake of this, Warhammer was replaced with a bold new approach to tabletop wargaming: Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Age of Sigmar reworked the Warhammer system and world from the ground up, with everything from the rules to the story being entirely new. While initially flawed and met with negative reception, the last five years of development — most…

  • Podcast

    Parallel Worlds Issue 12

    - by Buanzo

    In Issue 12, we catch up on our brilliant serial Acid; take a look at the Terminator franchise; play a bit of Dropship Commander; continue our guide for gamesmasters; pilot some mechs; and discover Empires of the Void II 00:00:18 – Was Terminator 2 a mistake? 00:14:22 – Four Against Darkness: a solo roleplaying phenomenon 00:25:17 – Enter the DropVerse 00:33:45 – Gamesmasterclass: Your voice in the party 00:45:50 – Evangelion: what did I just watch? 01:08:20 – Review: Empires of the Void II 01:14:28 – Original fiction: Acid, chapter 4  

  • TV and Film
    TV and Film

    Let’s talk about… Tales from the Loop

    Louis: The tone, setting and visuals hooked me almost from the start. It’s quite moody and mysterious; it reminded me a little of a Twin Peaks vibe, in the way it used the location as part of the narrative oddness. Initially the focus in the first episode on younger actors Abby Ryder Fortson (Loretta) Duncan Joiner (Cole) made me wary, as kids in TV series’ aren’t always the best, but they were excellent.  I’ll be honest: I watched the first episode twice because I…

  • Fiction

    Acid, chapter 3: when all else fails

    - by Louis Calvert

    3: When all else fails “Historians safely seconded in academic surroundings speculate that Monitors probably started off as mercenaries, or assassins, or a secret service, or even vigilantes exacting their own version of justice. Though after several hundred years of debate and speculation they still fail to come up with any actual evidence for any of these. It is said, usually in reverent tones, that Monitors bring stability to the floating populace of Venus by preventing anyone from gaining a monopoly on power. Few…

  • Tabletop Games
    Tabletop Games

    RPGs in the time of solitude

    - by Connor Eddles

    “In times like these” is a phrase I’ve heard often, particularly in regards to the current pandemic. But there haven’t been any times like this that I can remember, especially considering the massive embargo on socialising with other people. If you’re a player of tabletop roleplaying games, or want to take your first steps now that you have more free time, this is the guide for you! We’re going to look at how you can get adventuring, questing and just plain murder hobo-ing from…

  • Interview

    Interview: Joseph A. McCullough

    Joseph A. McCullough is a game designer and creator of Frostgrave, Ghost Archipelago and Rangers of Shadow Deep. His games have been massive successes that blend some aspects of roleplaying with traditional wargaming. We caught up with him. Hi, Joseph, thanks for stopping by. Could you tell us a little about yourself? What makes you tick? Thanks for inviting me. I am a full-time writer and game designer, currently living in England, down on the Kentish coast. In fact, I can walk about one…