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  • Video Games
    Video Games

    Terraria: 2D Simplicity Thriving in a 3D world

    - by Buanzo

    Terraria is a 2D side-scrolling sandbox game that released way back in 2011. It is still going strong today, with more updates to come. How can it compete in the modern gaming world of photo-realistic graphics?
    Ask a gamer what never changes, and there’s a few answers you might get. ‘War’, ‘FIFA’, ‘EA’, or perhaps ‘Bethesda’s persistence in releasing new versions of Skyrim’. I would add another entry: Terraria’s price on Steam.

  • Interview

    Interview: Carsten Damm from Vagrant Workshop

    - by Buanzo

    Every month, Parallel Worlds will feature an interview with an amazing content creator or personality working in science fiction, fantasy, or horror. This month, we catch up with roleplaying game creator Carsten Damm, erstwhile lead developer of Earthdawn, creator of Equinox, and founder of Vagrant Workshop.

  • Tabletop Games
    Tabletop Games

    Review: Space Base

    - by Buanzo

    If there’s a board game which is credited with jump-starting the modern board game phenomenon, it’s The Settlers of Catan (now simply called Catan). This award-winning building game combined elements which were familiar to traditional board games — collecting cards and rolling dice — and combined it with a more free-form approach to making progress and choosing a winning strategy. Players roll two dice and collect resources based on the sum. It’s a solid game and a modern classic. There’s just one problem: it’s far too easy to get to your turn and be unable to do anything.

  • Update

    Parallel Worlds is evolving! Stockists, release pattern, and Patreon

    - by Tom Grundy

    Hello everyone  We’re halfway through our third month now — ten weeks old! Thank you to all of you who have read and enjoyed our work, and especially those who have let us know what you think. Feedback helps us make better stuff.  It’s been a great couple of weeks. We’re thrilled that Orcs Nest in Covent Garden, London, is to be our first stockist — print copies of Issue 3 are due to be delivered this week, so for the first time, you’ll be able to buy gorgeous hard copies of our magazine when you’re browsing their brilliant mix…

  • Podcast

    Parallel Worlds Issue 3

    - by Buanzo

    In this issue: Vagrant Workshop, Duchamp Versus Einstein, Earthdawn, budget wargaming, Space Base, Beyond Kidding, Equinox, Homeworld, The Dark Crystal, Terraria, self-published novels, original fiction, and more. 00:00:18 – Editorial 00:02:24 – Interview: Carsten Damm of Vagrant Workshop 00:10:25 – Why aren’t aliens in video games more… alien? 00:23:41 – Wargaming on a budget 00:36:42 – Review: Space Base 00:41:25 – Mini of the month: Garillien, Isharann Soulrender 00:46:40 – FrightFest 00:56:14 – Homeworld: past and future 01:08:11 – Terraria: the success of simplicity in modern gaming 01:14:59 – Diamonds in the rough: read adventurous! 01:27:20 – Review: Rosewater 01:30:31…

  • TV and Film
    TV and Film

    Let’s Talk About: Ad Astra

    - by Tom Grundy

    Ad Astra is a sci-fi epic set in the near future. It stars Brad Pitt as Roy McBride, an astronaut who voyages to the farthest reaches of the solar system in search of his father, Clifford (Tommy Lee Jones), who vanished sixteen years earlier and is now thought to be responsible for a series of catastrophic energy surges on Earth. Our editors share their reactions.