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  • Podcast

    Parallel Worlds Podcast Issue 1

    - by Buanzo

    It’s here: our first podcast issue!

  • Video Games
    Video Games

    Beyond the Screen

    - by Parallel Worlds

    There are many reasons one may choose to play an online game. Maybe it’s the latest instalment in a beloved series, maybe it possesses unique or interesting mechanics, or maybe it’s simply had some good reviews. Arguably two of the more influential factors are the level of immersion offered by the game, and the opportunities for socialising or engaging in community activities. But have games increasingly been encouraging the latter more than the former? World of Warcraft (2004) is a titan which has dominated…

  • TV and Film
    TV and Film

    Dark, the German Stranger Things for grown ups

    - by Parallel Worlds

    Season 2 of Dark, Netflix’s German-language science fiction drama, was released on June 21st. Dark’s first season appeared on my ‘Recommended’ list on Netflix one day last year, untrumpeted — an intriguing thumbnail of a cave. It smacked of opportunism on the part of the algorithms. ‘He likes science fiction and watches a lot of 80s films — let’s chuck this his way, he’ll probably go for it.’ I was transfixed. Dark is a beautiful, strange experience. It is worth your time.  In a…

  • Tabletop Games
    Tabletop Games

    Star Wars: Outer Rim

    - by Parallel Worlds

    I know and you know that there are a lot of Star Wars licensed games out there in the void. Some have become the stuff of legend, while others have had their light extinguished from the galaxy. It’s just like how some of the characters in the series are icons in the science fiction oeuvre, while others deserven to beesa forgot quickly, okiday?  Star Wars: Outer Rim challenges you to make your character a legend. The aim of the game is to complete adventures,…

  • Event

    Dublin 2019: an Irish worldcon

    - by Parallel Worlds

    The 77th annual World Convention of Science Fiction was held from the 15th to the 19th of August at the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) and Point Square.  Worldcon is one of the oldest international conventions in the world, and over the last few years the city hosting the event has alternated between a European and an American location. The event itself has changed a bit over the years as the tastes of audiences have changed. Worldcon was around before comic-cons and cosplay. Its primary…

  • Interview

    Interview: Adrian Tchaikovsky

    - by Parallel Worlds

    Every month, Parallel Worlds will feature an interview with an amazing content creator or personality working in science fiction, fantasy, or horror. This month, we have award-winning author, Adrian Tchaikovsky, best known for his Shadows of the Apt epic fantasy series and his Clarke Award-winning science fiction novel, Children of Time. Welcome to Parallel Worlds, Adrian! So, what’s with the spiders? Many of your books feature non-human elements; Kinden in your earlier Shadows of the Apt novels, but also the animal elements in the…