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    Parallel Worlds Issue 9

    - by Buanzo

    This month, we scare ourselves to death with Junji Ito’s Uzumaki, discover a flat fantasy world, play a bit of Corvus Belli’s Infinity, rediscover a dungeon-crawler from 1989, catch up with Aliette de Bodard, dissect Altered Carbon Season 2, continue our Classics of Sci-Fi series, assemble an RPG party, review books and board games, and find out just what makes Mad Max special. 00:00:19 – Editorial 00:03:48 – Mad Max: 40 years of George Miller’s road warrior 00:18:10 – Interview: Aliette de Bodard 00:24:10 – Cheap thrills: the value of video games 00:35:37 – Gamesmasterclass: assembling the cast 00:47:50 -…

  • Tabletop Games
    Tabletop Games

    Mini of the Month: the Bard of Alahan

    - by Angus McNicholl

    Twilight was falling as Aldrik arrived at the large coaching inn. The beast he rode was foamed and nervous, its mind skittish and slippery with fear. He grasped the bridle tightly as he deposited a coin in the offered hand of the stableboy, who eyed him warily. He entered the taproom of the Gilded Lily. A long space, well furnished with wooden boards underfoot, not packed earth and sawdust as was so often the case. Travellers sat in groups, drinking or consuming an evening…

  • Video Games
    Video Games

    Disco Elysium: roleplaying with me, myself, and I

    - by Jane Clewett

    You wake up in a room. You have total amnesia. And there’s a murder to solve. Think you’ve seen this all before? Think again. Disco Elysium is a murder mystery, a point and click adventure, and a roleplaying game (RPG); and it’s one of the weirdest, most innovative versions of all those things in recent memory. We take a look at one of 2019’s most spellbindingly strange games…. Every now and then, you can sense you’re in the presence of genius. It might be…

  • Tabletop Games
    Tabletop Games

    Visions of War: the grimdark of Warhammer 40,000

    - by Thomas Turnbull-Ross

    Even if you’ve never set foot in a Games Workshop store, chances are you’ve at least heard of the company’s biggest intellectual property, Warhammer 40,000. To a newcomer, the vast array of characters, factions, locations, and events accumulated in over 30 years of fiction can seem overwhelming. Let us introduce you to the grim darkness of the far future…   It is confusing to the uninitiated partly because this is both a consistent fictional universe as well as a complex tabletop game. In terms…

  • Books

    Know your community: The Fantasy & Sci-Fi Readers Lounge

    - by Parallel Worlds

    This is our regular feature in which we get to know communities around the world (and the internet) dedicated to celebrating escapism. In our January issue, we caught up with one of Facebook’s largest Dungeons & Dragons communities. In February, we got to know one of the stalwarts of London’s wargaming scene. This issue, we chat to Cheryllynn Dyess and Rennie St. James, administrators of the Fantasy & Sci-Fi Readers Lounge, a 2,100 strong community group dedicated to sharing great books.   Hello and…

  • Tabletop Games
    Tabletop Games

    Live streaming TTRPGs: a new immersive experience

    - by Mike Smith

    Tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) now have supporting technical tools that enable the entire game playing experience to be shared online; streaming the roleplaying action whilst also displaying the game’s status and mechanics. This enhances engagement with the watching viewers, who get to see the full picture of the gaming world. We look at this developing phenomenon and speak to an experienced gamesmaster (GM) to find out more.   TTRPGs are becoming increasingly popular. The move from roleplaying games being the hobby of fringe groups…