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  • Thinkpiece

    Aliens: Are they out there?

    - by Souvarine

    It’s the ultimate question. Are we alone in the universe? In this issue, respected science journal Parallel Worlds puts the matter to rest, once and for all.  Or not. Aside from us not being a respected science journal, the question remains utterly unanswered. But it’s one that concerns us at this magazine more than most: science fiction is our bread and butter, and a fundamental plank of science fiction is the concept of intelligences from places other than Earth.  I’m not a scientist —…

  • Books

    The Infinite Hex Crawl

    - by Souvarine

    This month, a reader introduces us to one of the weirder works of Jorge Luis Borges. I was introduced to the writings of Jorge Luis Borges through my love of the late, great American fantasist, Gene Wolfe. This was the writer that inspired, to a great degree, the duplicitous, sneaky, and downright brilliant creator of Severian and Latro, two of fantasy’s most (if you’re a Wolfe reader, excuse the pun) memorable protagonists. Borges is the type of writer that is at once easily accessible…

  • Fiction

    Lazaraki Canticles

    - by Souvarine

    The dead were hungry. Weren’t they always?  Milra’s shoulders burned. Twin pails of ungodly slop hung from her aching fingers, already beginning to reek. Her feet made great echoing clacks upon the filthy marble floor of the quad, too loud in leaden air.  The spires of Aurapol’s Necropolytechnic towered over her, their shadows a twisted web in the light of dim twin suns. Their aspect was more gothic than it was organic, bone mixed with mortar and great bricks of crematorium ash combined to…

  • Podcast

    Parallel Worlds Issue 6

    - by Buanzo

    In this issue, we revisit Babylon 5 to find out why it’s still relevant, take sides in the culture war in our discussion on The Rise of Skywalker, get to know the organisers of the UK’s largest wargaming convention, look back at nearly 100 years of Amazing Stories Magazine, choose our own adventure, buckle up for a BattleTech retrospective, and take a look at the biggest structures in fiction. 00:00:18 – Editorial 00:02:48 – Think bigger: megastructures 00:12:42 – Faster my stompy robots: an introduction to BattleTech 00:27:40 – Board game review: Lifeform. In space, no one can hear you…

  • Books

    Self-pub roundup

    - by Souvarine

    With the rise of the ebook and the internet, publishing a novel is no longer about access to a printing press. More and more authors, both debut and experienced, are turning to self-publishing as a way to reach more readers, gain an audience for a particularly adventurous or unusual idea, or as a way to capture more of the proceeds of their work.  While self-publishing used to be the preserve of those who couldn’t get a ‘proper’ publisher to take them on, it is…

  • Tabletop Games
    Tabletop Games

    Miniature of the Month: Grak, Warlord of the Clan

    - by Souvarine

    This place is ours! I was born in the dark, in a place of stone and dank, dripping water. I was strong — stronger than the weak who died to feed us. The first food I tasted was the flesh of my dead brothers and sisters. After a while, the best of us emerged from that place. We found others and waged war against anything that stood in our way.  We live in the tunnels, in the old places where the Dwarves once lived.…