Mini of the month: Pilot

Angus McNicholl

Mini of the month: Pilot
October 6, 2020 Angus McNicholl

“Roger that, Shuttle Typhon. You are cleared to begin your approach to bay 87. Follow the greens.”

Ashlee reached over to the console on her right, flicking the switch that would bring up the music while she made the necessary docking maneuvers. Blue Danube’s melodic tones filled the small cabin. Her co-pilot grinned; well, as close to a grin as the hulking Zor could manage without the human facial muscles… To anyone else it would look like a feral snarl.

She keyed the lateral thrusters to begin the Z axis roll to match the station’s own rotation. The station’s spin slowed, appearing almost stationary. With a touch of the controls, counter spin steaded the approach.

The port gate began to slide open. The bay yawned wide, lit by a green holo landing strip. The HUD confirmed placement and landing lock.

Ashlee tapped the holo screen in front of her. “Gear deployed.”

“Touch down in 3… 2… 1… contact.”

Her Zor co-pilot offered a meaty palm in a high-five. “Smooth,” he rumbled.

Ashlee slapped his offered palm and released the harness on her crash couch, before flipping open the intraship comm. “Another happy landing! Umbilical is on the way, disembark in about five minutes.”

To the Zor she said: “You got plans for this evening? Or you coming clubbing with me?”

“Could use a drink.” His gravel-bass tones sounded harsh, but after years of flying together she could read the Zor emotive colour pigments around his neck. “Ok then, let’s get our dancing shoes on.”


This model is a pilot produced by Crooked Dice, one of their range of Colony 87 miniatures. I picked it up as part of their third Colony 87 Kickstarter, and there are a lot really nice, characterful models in that range. All civilian colonist-types: from alien nobility, to smugglers, to a robo nanny.

At the time, I bought into the Kickstarter purely because I like to back the ‘little guys’, but since my acquisition of Battle Systems’ game Core Space I’ve been on the hunt for models I could use for civilians and crew. The Colony 87 range, along with a few of Mantic’s DeadZone models, are perfectly suited. I can see all these models scoring double dirty once Joseph A. McCullough releases Stargrave too!