Mini of the month: Adeptis Ryan

Angus McNicholl

Mini of the month: Adeptis Ryan
September 5, 2020 Angus McNicholl

The army was encamped just beyond a low rise. The depression was just deep enough for the tents and Myrmidons to hunker down out of sight. The Mage Hunters, as was usual, had established their own camp just beyond the perimeter. The excuse was that they functioned as the picket; but the real reason, Kyris knew, was that they simply liked their own space, and the rigid discipline of the Dawnguard didn’t suit them.

Kyris had drawn the first watch, which suited him. They were two days yet from the intended interception of the Khadoran train that would bring supplies for the garrison at Fort Ivan. It would be well-protected, but the Adeptis was keen for a swift victory.

He had a good vantage point, perched high in a tall mountain spruce. His sharp eyes scanned the snow-covered ground of the perimeter, then back towards the Dawnguard camp. Movement!

Kyris goaned. He could make out the distinctive form of the leader of this expedition, the Adeptis Ryan of House Shyeel himself. Ryan wasn’t given to military-style inspections but he was an elf who liked to see things operating like a well-oiled Myrmidon. Kyris cupped his hands and made the call of mountain Kraik.

Below, the resting Mage Hunter strike team came to life. Blankets were stowed and equipment packed in readiness to move, fight, or suffer a snap inspection. As Ryan and his attendants drew close, the strike team’s officer rose out of the snowy scrub like a ghost and fell into step beside the magelord. 

“My lord. You will find all in order.”

Adeptis Ryan was of average height for an elf and of slender build, though his armour gave the impression of greater bulk. He moved with swift grace and used the butt of his spear as a walking staff. His hair had been cut short on his scalp, as was typical of Shyeel Battle Mages. 

“I should hope so. Your scout spied me coming as soon as I crested the hill.”

“Yes, lord.”

“We must consider the plan of battle if we are to destroy the supply train.”

“Of course, lord.”

“I have a new objective for you; a special mission that your skills are best suited for. My Battle Mages can derail the train without any issues. But you have a set of skills that make you uniquely qualified for another task.”

Adeptis Ryan is a warcaster and battle mage of the noble house of Shyeel, and the first of the Retribution models I painted for my Warmachine ‘Angry Elves’ army. I was fortunate enough to have been given a small Retribution force, primarily composed of Shyeel Battle Mages, so when I was purchasing a caster it seemed logical to choose one who synergises strongly with them.

I do quite like the model, though he was terrifying to paint. This was the first model I painted with white armour. There is, of course, a trick to painting white armour or cloth: white isn’t actually white. Only the most extreme highlights are white; everything else has to be shades of grey.

I based the model on an autumn ruin-theme base, making use of various decorative pieces cut from resin bases I purchased through eBay. I wanted to convey a sense of coming twilight for the elves of Warmachine, so broken pillars, fallen statues and autumn leaves seemed appropriate.