Mini of the Month: Axl Steel

Angus McNicholl

Mini of the Month: Axl Steel
August 2, 2020 Angus McNicholl

“And that’s the Aristos coming out to the Hexadrome now, Bob!”

“This one is looking like it’s going to be a real showdown. Oh wait right there — I see a new face in 8Ball’s line-up! what do you know about that one, Mac?”

“Well, Bob, I knew you were going to ask — so I did my homework and I have his vitals right here. Our new contender is Axl Steel from Human Edge. All the way from the far end of the circular. He’s on a Minecorp contract, and my, that guy is packing some serious cybernetics right there.”

“I mean, look at him, Mac — is he all metal? Hexer is gonna rip him apart!”

“Not so fast there, Bob, these are old-school prosthetics — no cube to hack! We don’t do medicine like that any more because most people want to be up and running in a few days. Integrating those prosthetics took Steel months to learn to walk again. Says here MMA was his therapy!”

“Apparently it was radiation that took his arms, legs, and eyes. That is serious, serious reconstruction. But let’s see how he plays, Mac.”

“I spoke with his promoter earlier to get the hyperwave on our contender. He’s been doing the local circuit in Human Edge for seven months and has put a serious beat down on the local game. Minecorp owns him — and I mean literally, owns him. All cyber is courtesy of the corporate programme. But I must say, Bob, he looks the part out there, and 8Ball wouldn’t have signed him for the match if he didn’t think he could deliver.”

“Looks like we are almost ready for the opening play. 8Ball is front and centre, with Axl Steel to his right… Looks like they’re going to go straight for the throat, no mercy.”

Axl Steel is a Corvus Belli miniature for their game Aristeia. He is cast in hard, high-quality plastic. I’ve rebased the original model on to a Games Worldshop Zone Mortalis base, because they look cool and suitably ‘techy’.

There aren’t that many miniature sports games out there, and those that there are tend to be based on American football — Games Workshop’s BloodBowl and Mantic’s DreadBall come to mind. Many of the figures for these games tend to be in the stock running or catching poses, and tend to feature large teams wearing the same basic uniforms.

Aristeia is different, it’s a combat sport played by small teams — four per side — of very unique personalities. Axl Steel is one of the more sporty models in the range; he comes in a martial arts pose, and carries no obvious weapons. He has a fairly simple colour scheme and it’s that simplicity that drew me to him.