Patreon and archive changes on our website

Patreon and archive changes on our website
July 14, 2020 Tom Grundy

Patreon and archive changes on our website

Hey everyone

I hope you’re doing ok this summer and managing to enjoy the sunshine safely.

It’s time to let you know about some changes to the way we operate.

We have been going since September last year. Over that time, our monthly magazine has greatly improved – I’ve noticed that, particularly since around Issue 5, our magazine has got better every month. It’s now at a point where both the look and standard, as well as the feedback we receive, put it on par with many shelf magazines in the UK.

However, we’re still not at a point where we’re able to reimburse any of the team for our time. We’re all volunteers, working on the magazine around full-time jobs and freelance work, and our aim has always been to get to a point at which we can pay the people who contribute their time and talents to making the magazine and podcast. Although we’ve had great feedback and plenty of readers and listeners, we’re still not at that point yet.

One thing we have had a lot of, though, are requests from readers to purchase specific issues from our archive. Until now we haven’t been particularly well kitted-up to support this, and we’ve been resolving it with email exchanges. Happily, we’ve now established an online checkout system on our Archive page, using PayPal, to allow people to buy whichever issues from our back catalogue they wish.

To coincide with this, we’ve also made the decision to remove the free PDF download links for our archive issues. We have offered every issue we’ve made to date for free online up until now. However, we feel the time is right – and the quality high enough – to ask a modest amount for our work. All our digital issues will from now on be available to patrons for $5 per month.

As of this week, we’ve also put up the price of our ‘Printed Goodness’ tier on Patreon. This tier allows people to recieve a printed copy of the magazine every month, and was set at $10. However, this had become very tight indeed; high-standard, small-batch printing is very expensive, and international shipping even more so (we routinely ask patrons in places to which it is expensive to ship from the UK to contribute to the shipping cost, which we’ll continue to do). Added to which, Royal Mail (our UK postal service) have just put up their prices.

Therefore, as of this week, the ‘Printed Goodness’ tier on Patreon has risen from $10 to $15 per month. This won’t affect existing patrons, and no other pledge tier is affected; ‘The Collector’ benefits from no increased packaging cost and only about 50% higher postage cost, and the rewards for our $5 tier are purely digital.

Our hope is that the above changes better reflect the quality and value of what we produce, and enable us to get to a point where we can reward our contributors for the time they donate to making Parallel Worlds.

We hope you’ll support these changes and continue to enjoy our work. It has been brilliant fun getting into our stride this year; we hope you’ll stay with us for many more!

Best wishes