Parallel Worlds Issue 10

Parallel Worlds Issue 10
June 12, 2020 Buanzo

In Issue 10, we review a brilliant deckbuilder, evaluate Firefly, get to grips with Pathfinder, discover a brilliant French skirmish wargame, continue our excellent serial Acid, discuss worldbuilding, look back at one of Isaac Asimov’s greatest works, and introduce a wonderful new short story.

00:00:18 – It’s gorram over, Cap’n: why Firefly being cancelled was a good thing
00:16:12 – Canon: exploring consistency in storytelling
00:30:27 – Board game review: One Deck Dungeon and Forest of Shadows
00:35:39 – Pathfinder: all the tools
00:47:55 – Book review: Triggernometry
00:51:07 – GamesMasterClass: creating your world
01:02:41 – Acid, chapter two: a table set for one
01:15:53 – Classics of science fiction: Foundation
01:20:34 – Rackham’s Confrontation
01:32:02 – Original fiction: Misereri Mei