Parallel Worlds Issue 8

Parallel Worlds Issue 8
April 6, 2020 Buanzo

This month, we catch ’em all, get to know the largest online community of D&D artists, learn about roleplaying’s most overlooked step, find out why space magic is so compelling, interview Anna Smith Spark and Isaac Childres, play some job simulators, and reassess the Star Wars prequels and Lost in Space. As ever, there’s our usual range of book and board game reviews, as well as original fiction.

00:00:17 – Editorial
00:03:13 – Lost in Space: an enduring legacy of sci-fi brilliance
00:17:29 – Space magic: the popularity and plausibility of the Future Mythic
00:29:20 – Board game review: Res Arcana
00:34:02 – Gamesmasterclass: session zero
00:45:17 – The Star Wars prequels, reassessed
00:55:13 – Book review: A Savage Generation
00:58:32 – Interview: Anna Smith Spark
01:18:39 – Frosthaven: the new game from Cephalofair
01:26:06 – Book review: Shadows in the Stone
01:31:55 – Pixellated honours: exploring video game ‘achievements’
01:38:20 – Know your community: D&D Fantasy Art
01:44:43 – Original fiction: The Stranger
02:05:05 – Playing nine to five: job simulators
02:15:43 – Mini of the month: the bard of Alahan
02:20:23 – Book review: The Man in the Dark
02:23:14 – Pokémon: the weird and the wonderful