Parallel Worlds Issue 7

Parallel Worlds Issue 7
March 11, 2020 Tom Grundy

In this issue, we get to grips with the biggest franchise in wargaming, run an urban RPG, explore cosmic horror, attack some titans, play a bit of Disco Elysium, find out what Twitch has to do with RPGs, pick apart Star Trek: Picard, and review our usual books, games and films. There’s some original fiction, too.

00:00:17 – Editorial
00:01:38 – Why you should watch Attack on Titan
00:12:20 – Classics of science fiction: The Left Hand of Darkness
00:17:19 – Disco Elysium: roleplaying with me, myself, and I
00:29:29 – Being an eBay eagle
00:40:42 – Self-pub review: Kau D’varza
00:45:20 – Visions of war: the grimdark of Warhammer 40,000
01:01:48 – Coppers and cobblestones: running an urbancrawl campaign
01:11:46 – Mini of the month: the machine is willing
01:15:17 – Cosmic horror: the existential fiction we all need right now
01:28:25 – Let’s talk about… Star Trek: Picard
01:38:32 – Review: Legends Untold
01:43:53 – Review: The Bestowal
01:47:38 – Live streaming tabletop roleplaying games: a new immersive experience. Wacksteven is voiced by Tom Grundy.
02:00:28 – Know your community: The Fantasy & Sci-Fi Readers Lounge. Cheryllynn Dyess and Rennie St. James are voiced by Jamie Sugar.
02:06:34 – Original fiction: Echoes