Parallel Worlds Issue 6

Parallel Worlds Issue 6
February 7, 2020 Buanzo

In this issue, we revisit Babylon 5 to find out why it’s still relevant, take sides in the culture war in our discussion on The Rise of Skywalker, get to know the organisers of the UK’s largest wargaming convention, look back at nearly 100 years of Amazing Stories Magazine, choose our own adventure, buckle up for a BattleTech retrospective, and take a look at the biggest structures in fiction.

00:00:18 – Editorial
00:02:48 – Think bigger: megastructures
00:12:42 – Faster my stompy robots: an introduction to BattleTech
00:27:40 – Board game review: Lifeform. In space, no one can hear you check for rules clarifications
00:33:33 – The Luminaries: choose your social media adventure
00:44:53 – Book review: Children of Ruin
00:49:00 – Play safe: consent in gaming
00:59:44 – Mini of the month: Authorised Bounty Hunter
01:03:25 – Pulp pioneers: Amazing Stories magazine
01:09:55 – Why watch Babylon 5?
01:22:00 – Creative equality: representation in science fiction and fantasy
01:34:46 – Self-pub review
01:40:46 – Original fiction: Lost at the Wedding
01:56:36 – Let’s talk about… Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
02:10:48 – Know your community: the South London Warlords.
02:17:22 – The mysterious case of Dentara Rast