Parallel Worlds Issue 5

Parallel Worlds Issue 5
January 12, 2020 Tom Grundy

In this issue, we’re all about aliens: we look back at Ridley Scott’s seminal 1979 film, scare ourselves silly in Alien: Isolation, and wonder just how common alien life is in our galaxy. We also interview horror writer Priya Sharma, continue our guides for gamesmasters, uncover a Chinese fantasy author you’ll never have heard of, review books and board games, chat to one of the UK’s thriving independent presses, muck around in Space Engineers, and assess Todd Phillips’ Joker.

00:00:32 – Editorial
00:02:15 – The infinite hex crawl
00:08:58 – Aliens: are they out there?
00:23:52 – Board game review: The Quacks of Quedlinburg
00:29:42 – Let’s talk about… Joker
00:41:04 – Mini of the month: the Abomination
00:46:31 – Alien, revisited: how Ridley Scott reinvented science fiction
00:56:27 – Original fiction: The Purpose
01:08:27 – Generic adventure module: The Big Dumb Object
01:23:03 – Interview: Priya Sharma. Priya is read by Jamie Sugar
01:33:16 – Space Engineers: six years of building and blowing stuff up
01:46:21 – Finding Jin Yong
01:59:00 – Know your community: the Dungeons and Dragons Community Group
02:04:10 – Alien Isolation – the perfect organism finally got its perfect game
02:14:54 – Featured Publisher: Elsewhen Press. Peter is voiced by Karim Kronfli