A New Dawn for Destiny

by Sam Long

A New Dawn for Destiny
December 10, 2019 Sam Long

Eyes up Guardian,

With the Undying mind slain and the Vex retreating into their gates, we can look to a new horizon; more story, more enemies to slay, and more mouth-watering loot to grind for. Earlier this week, Destiny 2 developer Bungie treated us with the trailer that hyped us for the new season coming to Destiny 2 and we saw the return of the legendary character Saint XIV. Time has unravelled on Mercury and now the Cabal are looking to rewrite our victory in the Red War (the opening campaign of Destiny 2). It’s up to you to walk the corridors of time, as the returning character Osiris says, and put a stop to it. Let’s look at some of the epic content Bungie are dropping in the Season of Dawn.

As with the last season, Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn will feature both free to play content available to all players and exclusive content for season pass holders, which includes The Sundial and new seasonal armour set. You can check out a full reveal in Bungie’s latest livestream.

One of the most exciting things coming in Season of Dawn for season pass holders is the new six-player matchmade activity, The Sundial. While Bungie haven’t shown us much, what they have revealed in their latest livestream shows it to be like previous activities such as Vex Offensive and The Menagerie; completing challenges and defeating enemies to increase your score and progress to the next challenge and will, as with every season, offer new and unique rewards.

Bungie’s Matt Hand told fans during the livestream: “It’s not a traditional horde mode, and you find there are a lot of different strategies you can incorporate in order to get through the activity and earn your rewards as fast as possible” 

Bungie also promises a hard mode and rotating weekly bosses that will keep the activity fresh. Coming with Season of Dawn is the new PVP (player vs player) mode, Elimination and the return of the map Rusted Lands from Destiny 1 while the maps Dead Cliffs, Legion’s Gulch, Retribution, and Solitude return after being revamped. However, Emperor’s Respite, Equinox (thank god), Firebase Echo and Vostok have been removed, which Bungie plan to rework. Although PVP still needs work, the nerfs coming to the exotic helmet ‘One Eyed Mask’ and the legendary SMG ‘Recluse’ are a breath of fresh air for Crucible regulars.

Previously, in their blogpost “This Week on Bungie,” Bungie touched on the upcoming Solar subclass buffs (one of the three types of special attacks), and we got to see a bit of the buffed Warlock ‘Dawnblade’ subclass in action, firing a barrage of flaming missiles, acting as a new melee with more focus on air superiority, meaning the attunement of the sky tree will finally live up to its name.

It’s always cool when Bungie decide to update their classes and look to improve and build on their previous works; each expansion, each season always working on the foundation of an excellent looter shooter. It’s always familiar; and the roadmap Bungie have provided, whilst not showing anything new, gives us more exotic quests, more Iron Banner (a special PVP mode) and more seasonal events to look forward to.

There are a lot of smaller changes coming in the new season as well, from slight bumps in max power and progression, to collapsing both Fated Engrams and Exotic Engrams into one; making it less frustrating acquiring the rarest loot. There are improvements coming to the Eververse store after player feedback, with Bungie heralding that around 80% of store items can now be purchased with Bright Dust (in-game currency). Players will also now have more ways to farm Bright Dust through bounties. Bungie state that they want to promote a play-to-earn economy for Bright Dust so players can acquire what they want from Eververse.

“We want all players to be able to acquire a selection of their favorite Eververse content every season just by playing the game” – Cozmo, Bungie Community Manager

Season of Dawn is set to release December 10th and is shaping up to bring us a wealth of content to sink our teeth into.