Parallel Worlds is evolving! Stockists, release pattern, and Patreon

Parallel Worlds is evolving! Stockists, release pattern, and Patreon
November 11, 2019 Tom Grundy

Hello everyone 

We’re halfway through our third month now — ten weeks old! Thank you to all of you who have read and enjoyed our work, and especially those who have let us know what you think. Feedback helps us make better stuff. 

It’s been a great couple of weeks. We’re thrilled that Orcs Nest in Covent Garden, London, is to be our first stockist — print copies of Issue 3 are due to be delivered this week, so for the first time, you’ll be able to buy gorgeous hard copies of our magazine when you’re browsing their brilliant mix of board games, wargames, and roleplaying games. 

Orcs Nest, in Covent Garden, London

We don’t want to stop there, either. After having handled printed hard copies of the magazine for Patrons and now stockists, we’re convinced that print is the optimal way to enjoy Parallel Worlds. There’s something about holding a glossy magazine in your hands that a webzine can’t really compare with. So, we’re in talks with more brilliant shops around the UK about stocking our magazine. We’ll let you all know as soon as we’ve firmed up the next place you’ll be able to buy it. If you would like to see Parallel Worlds in your local games shop, please do speak to them and let them know — and if you run a games shop and are interested in stocking it, please do drop us a note: [email protected] 

One consistent and fair piece of feedback we’ve received while talking to potential stockists has been that it will be very difficult to sell the print version of something that is available for free online. We’ve thought long and hard about this, and decided that if we want Parallel Worlds to be available in the UK’s best games shops, we need to support those shops. Therefore, from Issue 3, we will be holding back the free web download of each monthly issue for the month that that issue is in shops. Patrons and stockists’ customers will be able to enjoy the ‘current’ issue of the magazine — and then each month, the last month’s issue will be added to our free online archive, so everyone will be able to catch up and enjoy it for free. 

Issue 3, due to hit the shelves of our first stockist this month!

We feel this is the best way to support our stockists, encourage those that can to become Patrons, and therefore get closer to being able to reimburse our team for their time and talent. It’s worth noting that this change only applies to our monthly webzine; our monthly Audio Issue (in which each month’s articles are brought to life by our marvellous voice actors) will still be completely free from your favourite podcast service, and we’ll still be publishing the same regular stream of well-researched, thoughtful and high-quality articles on our website. 

One brilliant side effect of taking on a stockist is that our print costs (while having gone up slightly in the absolute) have now dropped quite a bit per copy. What this means is that, not only have we been able to get the magazine to the great shelf price of £4.50, but we’re also able to lower the Patreon pledge tier for delivered print copies from $20 to $10 (or around £7.80). This means that, for roughly the same as a subscription to White Dwarf, you can become a Parallel Worlds patron and receive our glossy magazine straight to your door, every month — while supporting startup independent journalism. If you have the spare cash and love science fiction and fantasy, I now really would recommend giving our Patreon page a look. 

If $10 per month to receive hard copies is a bit high, $5 per month gives access to our latest monthly webzine as well as our private Discord server, where you can get to know our team and suggest new things for us to write about. 

So, those are our big bits of news this month. There are now more ways than ever to enjoy Parallel Worlds: as a free podcast, via our web content, as webzine or delivered print copy via Patreon, or bought at the counter at (hopefully soon!) your local games shop. 

We are having an absolute blast making it. While print journalism in the UK has had a hard time adjusting to the age of the internet, niche journalism is thriving — and we’re really excited to see what more we can do. 

Thanks everyone for your support. Do let us know any comments or ideas you have for us: [email protected]

Stay fantastic! 

– the Parallel Worlds team