September 28, 2019 Ant Jones

Jack Dire is a designer making big waves in the board game world. He’s already had a great deal of success with Kickstarter with five projects funded so far — including the brilliant card game Superfight, not to mention Red Flags, Blank Marry Kill, and You’ve Got Problems.

This time Jack’s designing a strategic miniatures, card, and resource management game that merges different genres. In Chapter One, a rift has opened between the worlds of fantasy and post-apocalypse (Chapter Two will add the genres of science fiction and zombies). Players take control of a team and use action points to defeat the other side and win ‘victory points’. Characters respawn when defeated and can even ‘tag in’ a new character from the same team to help them out. 

There are lots of different ways to play. You can streamline your deck to beat your opponent with the number of actions you have available, upgrade your characters to move less but hit harder and smarter, equip them with weapons that boost abilities beyond upgrades, or a combination of these.

Each character has unique abilities and is to be represented by big and detailed resin models (much larger than the standard 35mm).

The game has modular ‘rift boards’ which allow expanded play when other genres (or ‘chapters’) are added. An arena mode is also being added, allowing three or more players to fight ‘Battle Royale’ style.

Gatefall has already far surpassed the goal of €13,543 at the time of writing, so this game is going to be made — which is just as well as it looks like a great deal of fun.

Minimum pledge: $1 (support only), $39 (standard edition game)